Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty Cheats For PC

Cheat Codes

While enjoying the sport, press [Enter] to show the console window. Then, kind one of many following codes and press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat operate. Note: Enabling cheat codes, aside from the “overengineeredcodpiece” code, will stop achievements from being earned till a brand new sport is began or a saved sport is loaded.

ResultCheat Code
God modeterribleterribledamage
All missions [Note]leaveyoursleep
All analysis choices [Note]horadriccube
5 million credit [Note]whysoserious
5,000 gasolinerealmendrilldeep
5,000 mineralsspectraltiger
5,000 of every sourceswhorunbartertown
5,000 Terrazine on customized maps utilizing Terrazinejaynestown
+1 weapon, armor, and protect improveiamironman
Fast constructcatfoodforprawnguns
Fast healimadoctornotaroachjim
Units don’t value sourcesmoredotsmoredots
No provide capbunker55aliveinside
Disable fog of warfaretooktheredpill
Disable means cooldownhanshotfirst
Disable tech necessitiessosayweall
Disable defeat situationsnevergiveupneversurrender
Disable victory situationstyuhasleftthegame
Win present sportwhatisbestinlife
Lose present sportletsjustbugoutandcalliteven
All cinematics [Note]eyeofsauron
All UNN Broadcasts [Note]stayclassymarsara
Play the “Terran Up The Night” trackoverengineeredcodpiece

Additionally, the next codes are solely out there in variations previous to

ResultCheat Code
5,000 customized sourcesdzmhairspring
5,000 mineralsstroaksmolts
5,000 minerals and gasolinesmoldersbolds
Extra analysis factorswapboinkers
Fast constructbasestarsprimative or reversingnazaire
Fast healfsbcomunicacion
Disable fog of warfaresawnoutofmemory
Disable meals and psi requirementmintmansoperator
Disable defeat situationsypoonsvoicemail
Disable time of dayqrotero
Win present sportcmethodfeedback
Lose present sportcadeasygoin
Mission graph dialog selectablelyingpect
UNN broadcast menufurabranchery

Note: Only out there in Campaign mode.

-Some codes from: Randy and Mike Bowers

Cheat Codes (Lost Viking mini-game)

While enjoying the Lost Viking mini-game, press [Enter] to show the console window. Then, kind one of many following codes and press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat operate:

ResultCheat Code
Add indicated factors to attain-score [number]
Extra life-addlife
Ten further lives-life
Spawn power-up-pu
Level skip-levelclear
Man ends-bonus
Boss seems-boss
Wave of enemies-behind
Alternate background-mb
Display “Boss Incoming” message-ss
Display the sine of three angles: 180, 90, and pi-sine
View ending sequence-end
Hide “Quit” button-noquit

“Piercing The Shroud” secret mission

In the “Media Blitz” mission, the place you management the Odin within the metropolis, go to the far bottom-right nook of the map. Destroy the crimson civilian constructing on the little floating platform. There is a pathway to the constructing from the small enemy growth base that’s simply north of the participant’s beginning place. Once the constructing is destroyed, “secret documents” can be revealed. Pick the “secret documents” up with any floor unit, after which full the mission as regular. The “Piercing The Shroud” secret mission will now be accessible by the Star Map. Note: You can not play the key mission after going to Char, as you must go to a different planet. Thus, you could go to the load menu and cargo a sport from earlier than Char to play the mission.



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