List of single player cheats

To enter a cheat, press the [Enter] key. Type the cheat, then press [Enter] once more. These cheats apply to the PC / Mac model of StarCraft and StarCraft: Brood War.

The cheat codes beneath seem in daring.

energy overwhelming – God Mode [Toggle]

present me the cash – Gives 10,000 Gas & 10,000 Crystal [Repeatable]

operation CWAL – Faster unit / constructing development

the gathering – Unlimited vitality to all casting items

sport over man – Ends the sport with a “Game Over” failure.

staying alive – Makes your present sport proceed perpetually – no win / lose state. [Toggle]

there isn’t any cow stage – Instantly completes your present mission.

whats mine is mine – 500 minerals [Repeatable]

breathe deep – 500 Vespene Gas [Repeatable]

one thing for nothing – Unlocks all upgrades

black sheep wall – Reveals the map, removes all fog of battle

medieval man – All unit upgrades are free

modify the part variance – All buildings can be found for development.

battle aint what it was once – Disables Fog of War

meals for thought – Unlocks the unit restrict, permitting you to construct above max inhabitants.

Ophelia – Enter to allow stage skipping. Type within the identify of the extent you wish to skip to, and press enter. (Ex. “terran8” or “xterran3” — Use “x” earlier than map identify for Brood War marketing campaign ranges.)


These cheats solely work within the StarCraft: Brood War singleplayer growth.

radio free zerg – Plays the key Zerg theme track. Only out there should you’re enjoying because the Zerg.

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